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  • To see the books in Fleet’s library, use this catalog link: Library Catalog Link.
  • If your student wants to read ebooks, open the Sora app on their ipad. Sora ebooks


  • Library Rules and Expectations:
    • Students will visit the library once  a week and check out new books. Students have 14 days to read books, but can return them sooner if finished. Books can be renewed if students need more time.
    • Students will be charged the price of a lost book.
  • Borrowing Books: 
    • Pre-k and kindergarten classes check out 1 book per week.
    • 1st-2nd graders check out 2 books per week.
    • 3rd-5th graders check out 3-5 books per week.

Please contact library staff with your questions and comments:
Anne Womack:
Danielle Weaver: