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  • To see the books in Fleet’s library, use this catalog link: Library Catalog Link.
  • Library Rules and Expectations:
    • Students will return books every week and check out new books. Students have 14 days to read books, but can return them sooner if finished. Books can be renewed if students need more time.
    • Students will be charged the price of a lost book.
  • Borrowing Books: 
    • Pre-k and kindergarten classes check out 1 book per week.
    • 1st-2nd graders check out 2 books per week.
    • 3rd-5th graders check out 3 books per week.

Please contact library staff with your questions and comments:
Anne Womack:
Tereza Townsend:

Anne Womack

Anne Womack




Teresza Townsend

Library Assistant



Ms. Womack

Marketing works! (These magazines have been sitting on a back shelf all year. They are so happy to be back in the hands of Fleet Falcons!)
Published January 25, 23 8:02AM