Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHOH)

DHH Program Description-Visual Bilingual Immersion ProgramImmersion Program (DHH & Community Peers) Location: Fleet Elementary School, community peers are in this classroom  This classroom is composed of students with varying levels of hearing loss with the classification of Deafness or Hard of Hearing.  Students require access to visual language models, self-advocacy, and a community of peer models. The languages of instruction will be provided using spoken English supported visually with American Sign Language (ASL).  This standard provides language acquisition through immersion in two modes: visual and auditory. The Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (DHH) Program in APS is a bilingual program that develops language and literacy through instruction and immersion in spoken English and American Sign Language (ASL) and other visual supports.  Access to American Sign Language (ASL) and other visual supports has many benefits:

  • Increases production of receptive and expressive
  • Improves student’s reading, decoding, and comprehension understanding
  • Improves student’s spelling and writing production
  • Improves cultural identity and self-esteem

Note: Other visual supports – Visual Phonics, Cued American English, Orton-Gillingham

 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teachers

Elena Fernsler          Beth Hall
Elena Fernsler                         Elizabeth Hall

 Program Assistants

Derrick Joynes     Frecia Love    coming soon      coming soon
DJ Joynes                       Frecia Love                    Caylin Monroy                   Daniel Rodriguez           

coming soon    Reid-Smith_Valerie
Maeleli Pollington           
 Valerie Reid-Smith