Ramírez, Susan


¡Hola! Yo soy la Señora Ramírez.

Soy la maestra de las clases de (I am the teacher of the following classes): John, Wolla, Glick, Lee, Smith, Choi, Coonce, Piantedosi, Mazur and Snyder for the 2018-2019 school year.

I enjoy teaching with comprehensible input, storytelling and puppetry (with my younger students). We sing, dance and act out stories, retell them and read in order to enhance our learning. Follow me on twitter to see classroom activities.

Or check out my YouTube channel for many playlists of educational videos!






  • Spanish - Pre-Kindergarten
  • Spanish - Grade 5
  • Spanish - Grade 2
  • Spanish - Grade 4
  • Spanish - Kindergarten
  • Spanish - Grade 3
  • Spanish - Grade 1

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