Helen Gray

I am a second grade teacher at Fleet Elementary.  I have over a dozen years of teaching experience, majority of which have been in second grade.  It is such a fun year to teach as the students are excited to be there and share their lives.  I believe that parents and teachers must work collectively to support the academic, social and emotional development of each child. One of the many reasons I love teaching is because, together, we can help your child reach his or her greatest potential. My goal is to have our classroom be a place where students feel that they are part of a team. I want them to respect each other, take risks, learn from their mistakes, try their best, and celebrate each other’s success.

I am a California native, and although I still love to visit my parents, siblings, and friends in California, I truly enjoy all that the DC/Northern Virginia area has to offer. I am married with two children, and we try to take advantage of everything from the beautiful mountains to the the fabulous museums and historic sites in our area.  I enjoy doing various outdoor activities with my family, such as hiking and playing sports.  I also insist on finishing my day with a good book!

Gray, Helen 2015

Here are some websites if you’d like to practice some math and reading skills.






  • Science - Grade 2
  • Social Studies - Grade 2
  • Mathematics - Grade 2
  • Reading - Grade 2
  • Language Arts - Grade 2
  • Homeroom - Grade 2