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Instructional Coaches

January 30, 2024

Meet our Coaches! Instructional Technology Coach: Clark Richardson / Interventionist: Christine Valvo / Math Coach: Catherine Maness...

English Language Learning (EL)

January 30, 2024

Teacher: Nancy Butt-Packard /  Teacher: Stacey Cooper-Porter / Teacher: Paloma Flynn / Teacher: Amelia Kerber /...

Special Education Teachers

January 30, 2024

Coordinator: Jenna Weinberg / Teacher: Jeanne Cary / Teacher: Kiana Petty / Teacher: Abbey Myles /


September 8, 2023

Teacher: Kathy Bonilla / Assistant: Keiry Argueta / — Teacher: Sylvia Garcia / Assistant: Bridget O’Malley...

Pre-Kindergarten (VPI)

September 8, 2023

Welcome to the Virginia Preschool Initiative program at Alice West Fleet Elementary School! Teacher: Tammy John / Assistant:...

Second Grade

September 8, 2023

Teacher: Tom Mitchell / Teacher: Amanda Murray / Teacher: Sarah Watkins / Teacher: Lorraine Yu /


September 8, 2023

Teacher: Brenda Castellanos / Assistant: Kimberly Argueta / — Teacher: Camryn Groth / Assistant: Ingrith Grundy...


April 29, 2023

Welcome to Alice West Fleet School Clinic information page! Here you will be able to access important clinic documents...


September 20, 2022

Meet our school counselors! Erin Upton School Counselor Dani Fuller School Counselor   Alice West Fleet Elementary...


September 5, 2022

To see the books in Fleet’s library, use this catalog link: Library Catalog Link. If your student wants to...