Spanish (FLES)

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Stacy Cooper-Porter             Susan Ramirez                        Keysi Villalobos

Every other year, students in fifth grade are given the STAMP Test. After being in the Spanish program for five years, in the elementary school setting, students take their first proficiency test in Spanish. This year 2018-19 Patrick Henry Testing Window will be: April 1 to May 3. Here are some useful links to learn about the STAMP test. STAMP 4Se Websites:

Testing date: to be announced and done during Spanish class times

Test Format:

Skill Estimated time needed Format
Reading 20-30 minutes 30 multiple choice
Writing 10 minutes 1 sample for practice and then 2 questions to respond to
Listening 25-35 minutes 30 multiple choice (each item automatically repeats twice)
Speaking 10 minutes 1 sample for practice and then 2 questions to respond to

List of Websites for Spanish Enrichment:

  • Aprendizaje de la lectoescritura is great for students who speak Spanish at home and are beginning to read it
  • Ciudad 17 has games to practice basic concepts we have covered this year
  • Guisanito is full of fun Spanish learning games- geared toward native speakers
  • Mi Mundo en Palabras is a good website for Spanish learners
  • Spanish Playground is a Spanish teacher’s blog with a helpful guide for parents who do not speak Spanish about their lessons and topics
  • Pequejuegos is geared toward older students – lots of engaging games
  • PBSKids has some interactive Spanish games for kids: Curious George is great for number practice and Oh Noah! has games and activities in Spanish
  • Rockalingua Games – Music-based Spanish learning
  • Story Place Spanish digital library has lots of online stories and activities
  • TuDiscoveryKids is a website that has lots of videos and games (designed for native speakers, but can be used by anyone)

If your family has personal devices at home, here are a few apps that you can download for Spanish Enrichment:

  • Duolingo is a great free app for older students (4th and 5th graders) to really work on their Spanish. It is great for adults who want to learn too.
  • Ana Lumba Multilingual Books for iPad is recommended – See this article about it
  • Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade has four unique and creative games with a ton of vocabulary (in-app purchases)
  • Gus on the Go Spanish for Kids – Inviting games & vocabulary is spoken by a native speaker
  • Rosetta Stone Jr. – Free, and many people find it to be helpful
  • Wordzine – Colorful and engaging picture/word association (Other languages included)
  • Spanish School Bus for Kids by Chungaboo – Includes short videos, great for young learners
  • Fun Spanish: Language Learning Games for Kids by Studycat Limited – 2 free lessons and a new game every day for practice