Copyright Information

The following resources will help you locate materials that you can use.

Digital Copyright Slider-interactive tool to quickly help determine if a work is protected by copyright.

Creative Commons Resources:

Websites for Creative Commons Music:


InCompeTech: – for free quality pictures & photographs and licensed for a small price:

Below are some online resources with information about copyright, fair use, and intellectual property.:

George Mason University copyright information. The Copyright Resources Offices (CRO) lists blogs you can join to follow conversations about copyright as well as a campus contact for specific information about copyright.

U. S. Copyright Office – link to the U.S. Copyright Office with information on laws and policies, obtaining copyright, searching for copyright various publications.

Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, Virginia Acceptable Use and Copyright Information

Copyright Clearance Center – Get copyright information. Get permission, verify coverage, more on copyright education.

The TEACH Act – Roles, Rules and Responsibilities

University of North Carolina – multiple links about copyright, fair use, intellectual property and more.

Learning Solutions Magazine – Information about copyright